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For a general understanding of the "4 C's" of Diamond buying, we offer you these helpful buying tips to aide you in the purchase of a diamond ring.

There are many variables to consider that determine the price of a diamond. The color and cleanliness are the most dominant factors that effect the price, but are not the only factors to consider. The cut of a diamond will affect the value of a diamond by as much as 20%, and flourescence in a diamond can decrease the value of a diamond by as much as 10%. This is the reason that all diamonds of the same color and cleanliness are not the same.

Taking into consideration all of these factors in this web site, you can better understand the factors that make two diamonds that appear to be similar in color and cleanliness, not the same. Do not be fooled by price alone. Please take your time looking through the shapes of diamonds to see which ones will suite your personal taste.